Old Glory #9 aka “OG” is the original name for this 1990 Ford E-350 diesel short bus. This skoolie conversion, which was originally a Correctional Transportation  (Prison) vehicle for the State of Oregon, was later purchased then relocated to Asheville NC. The conversion began early 2017 between Asheville NC. and Winston Salem NC with initial ideas and designs conceptualized by musician Bobby FKN White and his partner and adventurist, Dana “Scarlett” Vines. Physical construction and additional designs by lead engineer, Jon “Grip” Cameron [@griptronics], with support from Tom Byrnes. Old Glory #9 was a one year planned endeavor however, majority of the conversion was completed within 7 weeks.

// OG#9  STATS //

name: Old Glory Number Nine aka “OG”
age: 27
vehicle type: RV conversion
title status: H.C. [House Car] fuel type: diesel
transmission type: automatic
weight [pre conversion]: approx. 8,300 pounds
weight [post conversion]: —
height: 9 foot.
length: 20 foot.
color: black / grey / silver